Man what a time. Heading into March things were looking good. We sold out in an hour and a half the last time we were able to sell. Had caterings on the books, and warm weather with sunshine on the calendar.  What a difference 3 weeks makes. When this thing started we, like most, scoffed a bit. Tulsa won’t get hit or shut down, I mean honestly who travels here. The first week of the virus, things in Tulsa were nervous but not shut down in any way. The wife and I each had a day,  very early on, where we felt symptomatic with something. I don’t know if we got the virus, but it was enough for both of us to be worried, so we shut her down just for the weekend service. Then everything closed. People can’t congregate, and the very fabric of connection, socialization, and entertainment have had to change. 

Food does for me two things. 

1-It lights up taste buds in miraculous ways, and for me creates a sense of accomplishment that “hey I made that ” or a sense of wonder in like”how did he do that”. 

2-Food also provides a medium of connection that no doubt springs from our earliest times as a species, sitting over a fire reminiscing about the effort and chaos that lead to the calm and camaraderie of the meal itself. This honestly has been the weirdest part for me. Not being able to share my food with friends, family, or patrons has been something I did not realize I would miss so much.  Even before we had the business, cooking and sharing meals with friends was one of my greatest joys, and has been one of the things that has kept me going in starting the business. My hope is that through all of this, it brings us closer together once it is all said and done. There are many out there that think this virus and quarantine will change the landscape of connection permanently and push us all more into the cave of online solitude. That for my industry, people will never go out anymore and just order food to their house.  I think the opposite will happen. I think people will value more the physical connection to the people who made their food, the location it’s served in, and the people they share it with. At least that is my hope, and I don’t think I’m alone in it. 

As for business details we are busy working on several things. We are going to be offering bulk orders soon, but due to some additional travel I had to partake in, I am quarantining again to make sure we are providing our food in a safe and responsible way. Keep your eyes out for details regarding that in the next week or two. Thanks to all who follow our pages, and have come out to eat our food. We can’t wait to serve you again and stuff your face with our gnar Texas noms. Hope and prayers that everyone reading this is safe and sound. 

Heart ya,  

Oliver and Killerwail team.


Posted by KillerWailBarbecue on  January 21, 2019
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Anyone that knows me knows I suck at stuff like this, but I want to create some content surrounding the launch of the business, and document some of the events and emotions that we are experiencing . When we get the website up and running we will post this as a blog but I figured it’d be good to post here as well. 5.14.19Let me paint you a lovely picture… Jason Isbell is playing on

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