Anyone that knows me knows I suck at stuff like this, but I want to create some content surrounding the launch of the business, and document some of the events and emotions that we are experiencing . When we get the website up and running we will post this as a blog but I figured it’d be good to post here as well.

Let me paint you a lovely picture…

Jason Isbell is playing on my phone (Speed trap town) 
Sweet Vinegar sauce is cooking ( slightly stinging the nostrils) 
Fan blowing a perfect 70 degrees with a perfect sun shine filling the room….
And my daughter just threw up in my hands.

This is the first week I have devoted to full time entrepreneurship, and already I am learning about the highs and lows of owning my own business. Our first week has included 3 sicknesses at the house, now four with my daughter needing to be home from school, a transmission issue on the truck(meaning we can’t pull our food trailer), and a generator issue(which meant that we could not operate out of the trailer even if we were able to get it where we need it to go.) It honestly was one of the worst weeks of my life. Giving up a 10 year job and lifestyle only to be met with those challenges, and on top of that the vulnerability of dealing with the chaos of unknown challenges ahead, was a stress test that I was expecting mentally, but unprepared for emotionally. I tend to tiptoe into newness, a habitual late adapter, and I feel like last week was an absolute shock to my nature. This is a good thing. It’s like the first 5 minutes of a run.Your breath gets heavy and a stitch of pain comes out of nowhere as your body says “Why the hell am I doing this, you could be relaxing.” You have to get through the shock of new experience so that you can reach the rewards of creating a new lifestyle…
The highs have honestly not felt nearly as high as the lows have felt low, but here they are…Even though we couldn’t pull our trailer with my truck, I had a friend offer to haul us. Even though our trailer wasn’t operational our client allowed us to use their system and set up inside, allowing us to sell all day. This only created more work for them, and they did not have to do this. You have to remember you are not in it alone, even though it may seem a lonely existence. 
It’s a difficult task to look at challenges with optimism, but I feel like that’s a good goal in the short term, and hey even though my daughter threw up in my hands, at least none of it got on the floor.
Thanks to everyone who came out to eat our food and drink some beer. Thanks to those who helped us physically, professionally, emotionally, spiritually get through last week, I can not convey enough how much you are appreciated.

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